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The Kelsey Group

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Thursday, December 1

8:00 am 8:30 am
Generation i: Focus Group Presentation
The Kelsey Group will present video and findings from a focus group consisting of the next generation of users. Participants are not teens, but twentysomethings representing the next wave of life-cycle buyers who drive most of the transactions both online and off. What are their attitudes about traditional and online media? What are their habits and behaviors when it comes to finding local information? What do they think about online communities, wireless, IM, video search and other tools? And how loyal are they to particular sites or online brands?

8:30 am 9:15 am
Keynote Presentation
Shailesh Rao, Local Search and 3rd Party Partnerships, Google

9:15 am 9:45 am
Refreshment Break

9:45 am 10:30 am

Simplified-Search Marketing: Bundled Clicks and PPCall
The key to selling online advertising to the small-business marketplace is simplification. Directory publishers, Web hosts, verticals and, most recently, newspapers are now offering a range of simplified products and bundled clicks to their local advertisers. Now pay-per-call is being introduced. What is the status of all these offerings? Which ones have traction now and will they last? Is the quality of the inventory and traffic enough to sustain these bundled-click products over time? Will calls take over for clicks at the local level or will they be combined in some sort of hybrid offering?
Bill Dinan, VP, Corporate Development, DCCI
Dave Landa, VP, Sales & Marketing, ZiffLeads
Kirsten Mangers
, EVP - Chief Strategic Officer, WebVisible
Gary Roshak
, GM, Marchex Local

Capturing Local Content: Adding Structure to Search
By itself, unstructured Web search has generally not made for a good local user experience. However, there is an emerging wealth of local content in Web sites and blogs. To what degree can meaningful, structured local content be extracted or created from this proliferating and unstructured content? How important is having local Web search functionality as a component of locally oriented sites? The panelists will discuss the state of the art and how Web search can or should augment structured local content databases.
Michael Adelberg, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google
Stephen Baker, Vice President, Portals & Directories, Fast Search & Transfer
Matthew Berk, CTO, OpenList
Greg Gershman, President, Blogdigger

Azim Tejani, COO, i411 Inc.

10:30 am 10:45 am
Refreshment Break

10:45 am 11:30 am

Verticals and Aggregators
With entrenched competitors in the general search space and limited room for new entrants, locally oriented verticals (including shopping) and content aggregators offer a way into the market. They also present a potentially richer and more structured user experience. What is their role vis-à-vis consumers and advertisers? How do they build awareness and how are their customer and advertiser acquisition strategies evolving, given the increasing usage and prominence of general search engines?
Craig Donato, CEO,
Bryan Everett, SVP, Sales, LookSmart
Pete Flint, CEO, Trulia, Inc.
Tony Gentile, VP, Product Management, Healthline

Local Contextual Advertising
Almost everyone seems to be offering contextual advertising these days. Is local contextual advertising merely a pale version of paid search or does it offer a different experience and opportunity? What is the role of contextual advertising on newspapers, blogs and other local content sites? And what are the opportunities for geotargeting contextual ads themselves across larger networks?
Mark Josephson, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, Kanoodle
Peter Krasilovsky, President, Krasilovsky Consulting
Michael Yavonditte, CEO, Quigo Inc.

11:30 am 11:45 am
Refreshment Break

11:45 am 12:30 pm

The Future of Classifieds in a World of 'Free'
Print classified advertising was worth approximately $16 billion in 2004. Yet those revenues cannot be easily translated online, where most of the usage growth is. Accordingly, there are competing views of online classifieds. One is that classifieds form the bulk of local advertising revenue growth in the near term. A less optimistic view is that free sites and online competition push down the cost of basic listings to free. The panelists will explore what happens to that $16 billion in traditional revenues, where they think the market is headed and how online publishers will make money from classifieds listings going forward.
Steve Harmon, VP, Corporate Development,

Leif Welch, VP, Business Development, AdMission Corp.
Peter Zollman, Founder, Classified Intelligence

Right Here, Right Now: New Opportunities in Location-Based Targeting
In addition to improvements in IP targeting, the proliferation of Wi-Fi networks and wireless GPS make location targeting more accurate and more viable than ever. What is the general state of location-based targeting, and what are the coming applications, advertiser and consumer models that will potentially be built around presence/location-aware services?
Rob Friedman, EVP, Corporate Development, Digital Envoy
Scott Kliger, CEO, 1-800-FREE411
Nitin Shah, Chairman & CEO, Feeva
Dana M. Sohr, VP, Earthcomber

12:30 pm 1:45 pm

1:45 pm 2:30 pm

Beyond Pay-per-Click
Pay-per-call, cost-per-action and cost-per-lead are models that now exist online and take advertisers beyond the click to deliver more tangible and immediate consumer leads. More tangible, but more costly than pay-per-click, how much traction is there for these models, and how is click fraud affecting advertiser adoption of alternatives to buying clicks? Will cost-per-lead models put pressure on or cannibalize clicks, or will they simply exist side by side in the future?
Marc Barach, CMO, Ingenio
Michael Benedek, VP, Business Development, AlmondNet
Matthew Greitzer, Director, Search Engine Marketing, Avenue A / Razorfish
Ari Jacoby, President, Voicestar

The Spanish-Language Opportunity: Reaching the Majority-Minority
Spanish speakers constitute the largest single minority in the U.S. today, with over 43 million members representing 15 percent of the total population. Many marketers don't realize that U.S. Spanish speakers control more than $570 billion in consumer spending. And almost $6 billion of that is spent online. What are the similarities and differences in marketing to and effectively reaching this audience online? Ignoring the fast-growing Spanish-language population that exists online represents a missed opportunity for large and small companies. Are directories and search engines helping or hindering? This panel of experts will answer these questions and point out the most effective strategies to tap this important and lucrative market.
Barbara Coll, CEO,
Lucas Morea, CEO, LatinEdge

2:30 pm 3:00 pm
Refreshment Break

3:00 pm 3:45 pm
Keynote Presentation
Erik Jorgensen, General Manager, MSN Search, Microsoft Corp.

3:45 pm 4:45 pm
Maps, Mashups and Monetization
Mapping APIs and mashups are hot. Some argue that maps are a leading indicator of new visual approaches to finding local information. And the competition among map destinations is becoming as furious as in the larger search marketplace. Real estate is the first stand-alone mapping tool to be monetized. What about other verticals? How and in what specific ways might other mapping applications be used by marketers, and how important are maps overall in the topography of local search?
Craig Barton, Director, Product Management, MapQuest
Alex Daley, Evangelist, MSN Virtual Earth
Matt Heinz
, Senior Director of Marketing, HouseValues
Scott Regan, Director, Product Management, Yahoo!
Bret Taylor, Product Manager, Google Local

4:45 pm 5:00 pm
Refreshment Break

5:00 pm 5:45 pm
Building the Ideal Local Destination
What is the ideal local product offering? What features, content and functionality must such a site have? What sites now come closest to getting aspects of this formula right? Local search leaders will offer their views of the essential components of an ideal local destination and identify companies and sites across the Internet that offer examples of best practices.
Mark Canon, VP, Technology Strategy, AOL
John DeVitis, Product Unit Manager, MSN Search
Barnaby Dorfman
, VP, Inc.
Perry Evans, President & CEO, Local Matters
Ryan Massie, Product Manager, AskJeeves
Neg Norton, President, Yellow Pages Association

5:45 pm 7:45 pm
Reception in the Exhibit Hall


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The Kelsey Group