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Senior Analyst and Program Director, Mobile Local Media

Michael BolandMichael Boland is the program director for BIA/Kelsey’s Mobile Local Media practice.

Since joining the company in 2005, Mike has been instrumental in covering the local online space for our Interactive Local Media practice. His expertise and curiosity about new mobile, social, and video technologies and business models make him an valuable resource for MLM clients.

Mike is a frequent speaker and organizer at top industry conferences including BIA/Kelsey events, Search Engine Strategies and others. He has authored in-depth reports on the changing local media landscape including online video, social networking and mobile. He contributes regularly to highly read online news sources such as Search Engine Watch and Huffington Post. A trusted source for reporters covering the interactive media space, his comments have appeared in major news and trade media, including the Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes.

Before joining BIA/Kelsey, Mike was editor of Innovation World's TechAlert, a monthly journal of emerging technology companies. Previously he was a San Francisco-based freelance writer for business and technology magazines, such as Red Herring, Business 2.0, Mobile and Digitalife. Michael began his career in business analysis and journalism as a staff reporter for Forbes magazine, where he covered technology, online media and telecommunications.

Executive Team

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SVP and Program Director, The Kelsey Report®, and Managing Editor, BIA/Kelsey

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SVP and Program Director, Interactive Local Media

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Vice President, Senior Analyst and Director of Client Inquiry


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