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Jun 7 2005
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Why Greg Sterling Still Pays $61.90 per Month
Why anyone is paying $61.90 per month for broadband connectivity now that SBC and Yahoo! are offering it at 15 bucks a month is a fine question. I pay my bill to the same company Greg does and I pay only $42.95 per month.

So why does Greg continue to pay $20 more per month? Because he cringes at the possibility that, while switching providers will lower his monthly bills, he might subject himself to a visit to customer support ��hell.�� That is a very scary place �� a place where dialing an innocent toll-free number may ultimately lead to multiple hand-offs �� across the country and almost certainly across the world. Narrowband is all but dead. No one in their right mind would sign up �� or should be allowed to sign up �� for anything other than high-speed Internet access. It is no longer a question of whether to have broadband, but from whom to buy broadband. The SBC-Yahoo! offer at $15 is very appealing, though it does require self-provisioning. For those technically fit and with loads of patience �� this is a compelling choice, but for Greg and the rest of us whose hearts skip a beat with even momentary loss of connectivity, the comfort is worth skipping a double latte each day.
Local Media Blog
posted by  Neal Polachek at  08:48 | comments [4] | trackbacks [0]


posted by   Justin Jun 1 2005 at 21:27
Brilliance and common sense/efficiency do not always go hand and hand.

posted by   Emad Fanous  [ ] Jun 1 2005 at 22:14
I'm paying $44.95 but I'm getting 5 static IP addresses and better speeds...but this is what I'm really waiting for.

posted by   Greg Jun 1 2005 at 23:22
Neal is correct. Customer service and start-up glitches are hell. I've been there. And inertia is a real thing -- I'm living proof. Like most people these days, I've got too many things going on to deal with this. The issue of why I pay that much for comcast is a legacy issue. There was no DSL/competition in my area and I'm a long-time broadband Internet subscriber. Comcast bought AT&T; cable (my previous provider) and then tried to extort cable TV/internet bundles at $80+ per mo. I told them to take a flying leap and filed a complaint with the CA atty general (too bad Eliot Spitzer's in NY) and the CA PUC. Needless to say: no action from the govt. But perhaps all this public shaming will motivate me to change. Stay tuned.

posted by   Len Muscarella  [ ] Jun 7 2005 at 08:48
Now that numbers are portable (at least in my area), you can move to Voice over IP and get great price reductions by bundling. I am getting VOIP phone service, high-speed internet access, a digital video recorder settop and a bunch of premium TV services all for $115 per month from Optimum Online. I was paying that for land-line voice service alone!

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