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Jan 11 2006
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Cable Ad Buying for Local Business
Spot Runner launched today. It presents itself as an ad agency, but it�s really an Internet-based TV ad buying network. It�s totally local, and it�s potentially revolutionary (yes, that�s what I said), offering spot cable buying for small businesses.

It�s a self-service platform where SMEs can choose markets, vertically specific creative (pre-produced TV commercials that can be customized), and then the desired distribution and scheduling (based on algorithm-driven recommendations). They gave me a demo last Friday, and it was very impressive. It sounds complex, but it�s not that complicated in actual practice.

Started by the founders of Firefly and PeoplePC, it�s something Google or Yahoo! will probably look at and say, �Damn! I wish we�d done that; maybe we should.� And it�s something people should take a serious look at.

These guys will be at Drilling Down �06. We�ll have more to say later.

Here�s a brief interview with the company�s cofounder Nick Grouf.

Here�s the press release.

More from SiliconBeat.

Local Media Blog
posted by  Greg Sterling at  12:51 | comments [1] | trackbacks [0]


posted by   Raoul Marinescu  [ ] Jan 24 2006 at 16:01
It�s time to say goodbye to cheaply produced local spots! I�m very impressed with their value proposition and it certainly seems as though they have tremendous potential to be the premiere advertising agency for SMEs. I wish them lots of luck!

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