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Jan 16 2006
MLK Jr. Day
Some/many people are not working in the U.S. today because of Martin Luther King Jr. Here�s a piece on �globalizing� his legacy from The New York Times (reg. req�d).

And here�s bio info from Wikipedia. And here�s Google�s �I have a dream� homepage and search results.
Blog: Local Media Blog
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Jan 16 2006
Drilling Down on Local '06
For the past several weeks, I�ve been receiving tons of e-mails about speaking opportunities at the show in March and I�ve had to defer people. Our agenda is done and we�re going though a quick final review. This is only a two-day event and we could have had (and originally did have) 10 more panels. But we have real time constraints and cutting stuff was very challenging.

The formal agenda will be up later this week. People should take a look when it goes up (probably by late tomorrow or early Wed.) and then approach me. Some of the issues we�ll be tackling are below.

  • TKG Forecast Walk-Though

  • How, When and Where I Want It: Profiling the New �On-Demand� Consumer

  • Online Shopping, Offline Conversions: The New �Purchase Funnel�

  • 1,000,001 Channels: Broadband Video and ITV

  • The New Networks: Alternatives to the Search Giants?

  • Behold the Omnibus Channel: Selling Everything to Everyone

  • Live from Ground Zero: SMEs in Their Own Words

  • The Broadband Juggernaut: Slowing Down or Gaining Speed?

  • Can You Hear Me Now: VoIP, Wi-Fi and Market Disruption

  • What Is the Mobile Ad Model?

  • Who Will Own the Living Room?

  • 2006: Year of the Tipping Point?

  • Free DA: A Flawed Model or Mo-Lo Made Simple?
Blog: Local Media Blog
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Jan 16 2006
A Few Quick Hits
Here�s an AP story exploring the privacy implications of high-resolution online mapping. Nothing particularly new here except that the issue is getting flagged. We may be in an era of new privacy initiatives (we�ll see). The consumer zeitgeist may be moving in that direction (helped along by the NSA shenanigans).

This story in MediaPost (reg. req�d) cites a shopping study by a firm called Questus about consumer abandonment of sites (1 in 3) once they hit registration pages. (To some degree this goes to privacy concerns, but it also argues by implication that newspapers should abandon registration. And it suggests some potential obstacles for behavioral targeting.)

DA alternatives (Jingle Networks, 1800Free411Metro) are profiled in this article . We�ll have a panel on FreeDA at Drilling Down on Local: �Free DA: A Flawed Model or Mo-Lo Made Simple?�
Blog: Local Media Blog
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