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Jan 6 2006
comScore Search Numbers
... for November are here. Here are the highlights:

  • Google Sites �39.8%

  • Yahoo! Sites� 29.5%

  • MSN-Microsoft Sites �14.2%

  • Time Warner Network� 8.7%

  • Ask Jeeves �6.5%

According to comScore, Google and were the only gainers.


Americans conducted 5.15 billion searches online during November 2005, up 9 percent from November 2004.

Google Sites garnered the most searches in November 2005 with 2.05 billion searches measured, followed by Yahoo! Sites (1.52 billion searches), MSN-Microsoft Sites (728.8 million searches), Time Warner Network (446 million searches), and Ask Jeeves (336.3 million searches).

Yahoo! and Google continued to battle for supremacy in the toolbar search arena. Yahoo! Sites received 48.5 percent of toolbar searches, edging out Google�s 46.4 percent share. While Yahoo!�s competitive edge is noteworthy, toolbar search activity represented only 12 percent of total searches in November.

Blog: Local Media Blog
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Jan 6 2006
More Google and TV
SiliconBeat directs us to a post by Robert X. Cringely about the value and strategic potential of Google serving ads on TV (contextual targeting). At a high level, it�s consistent with this report.

On a related note, I took a briefing from a company today in the TV/cable ad space that is going to make a big splash next week when they launch (with a local angle). Sorry to tease (I hate when I read cryptic statements like this on other blogs), but it was relevant and I�m eager to talk about this company.

It was a very impressive demo. More later.

Have a good weekend.


Here�s a pretty comprehensive overview of the Page keynote. Lots of interesting bits in there (incl. the $100 laptop).

Here�s a post-Page keynote update on the Google Video announcement from AP .

Google Video is now live (and I now believe [after playing with it] that people will ultimately pay to watch online video content)

Here�s more on the �Google Pack� software download bundle�OpenOffice isn�t there.

Blog: Local Media Blog
posted by  Greg Sterling at  16:45 | permalink | comments [0] | trackbacks [0]

Jan 6 2006
Google and Monster?
Speculation that Google will move more aggressively into the jobs vertical.
Blog: Local Media Blog
posted by  Mike Boland at  14:41 | permalink | comments [1] | trackbacks [0]

Jan 6 2006
Sour Grapes at the Big Pipes?
This WSJ article (sub. req�d) details plans (and negotiations) to charge fees of content providers for priority high-speed delivery of broadband content:

Large phone companies, setting the stage for a big battle ahead, hope to start charging Google Inc., Vonage Holdings Corp. and other Internet content providers for high-quality delivery of music, movies and the like over their telecommunications networks.

One view of this is that the content providers/producers will want to ensure high-speed content delivery to consumers and so are motivated to cooperate. Another view is that this is partly about fairness but partly about sour grapes, as BellSouth, Verizon and AT&T (formerly SBC) see Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Skype and Vonage (among others) starting to encroach on their various businesses. They don�t want to be the �dumb pipes� that fuel the rise of their rivals.

More from the WSJ article:

The phone companies are motivated by a need to find new ways to make money from their networks as more and more customers turn to cable or Internet-based companies for less-expensive phone service. Further, the telecom companies argue that they have spent billions of dollars through the years to upgrade their networks so that users can effortlessly download content from Web sites such as Google and Yahoo�with little benefit to the phone companies themselves.

�During the hurricanes, Google didn�t pay to have the DSL restored,� said BellSouth spokesman Jeff Battcher. �We�re paying all that money."

There may be regulatory scrutiny of such efforts, but the more significant long-term unintended consequence of any such efforts by ISPs (if they�re implemented) is the development of alternative access paradigms (including free Wi-Fi). Any efforts of telcos to �tax� their rivals who rely on consumer access to bandwidth�and you can track the rise of search engines with the rise of broadband access�could spur development of those alternative access paradigms.

Google, Yahoo!, MSN et al very self-consciously know that their growth is tied to unfettered, high-speed access (as well as new platforms). As The Journal suggests, a battle and intensifying competition is coming.

As I argued before, the traditional media businesses such as print Yellow Pages may have greater staying power and profitability (quite ironically) than the �21st century� business models such as Internet access and wireless. I can hear the skepticism now�we�ll see.

Blog: Local Media Blog
posted by  Greg Sterling at  11:26 | permalink | comments [0] | trackbacks [0]

Jan 6 2006
More on Google and Yahoo! Announcements Today
The New York Times (free reg. req�d) has more detail about the expected announcements from Terry Semel and Larry Page today. Semel�s keynote is going on right now, and Page�s is later today. We�ll follow up with recap and analysis later, and you can read more in next week�s issue of Local Media Journal.
Blog: Local Media Blog
posted by  Mike Boland at  11:20 | permalink | comments [0] | trackbacks [0]

Jan 6 2006
Motorola 'Bakes in' G and Y!
Motorola has announced that it will integrate Google and Yahoo! into handsets (�button on the phone�s keypad� ). A big deal�Motorola is the world�s second-largest handset maker�this will raise user awareness of mobile search (and especially Mo-Lo) and is more evidence of the coming ubiquity of these Internet mega-brands.

Here�s more on Yahoo!�s everywhere (�Go � ) strategy. Cingular (to become AT&T again) and Nokia have pending deals with Yahoo! Go.
Blog: Local Media Blog
posted by  Greg Sterling at  09:31 | permalink | comments [1] | trackbacks [0]

Jan 6 2006
YPC in Tight with Yahoo! announced today it has entered a distribution agreement with Yahoo! that covers both Yahoo! Yellow Pages and Yahoo! Local. You can read the press release here. We will cover the deal in more detail in next week�s Local Media Journal, but here are a few highlights gleaned from a discussion yesterday with YPC chief Charles Stubbs.

The deal essentially consolidates existing agreements between Yahoo and both AT&T Yellow Pages (ex-SBC) and BellSouth A&P. Stubbs notes that the new deal is considerably expanded in several respects, including:

  • The new agreement includes Yahoo! Local in addition to Yahoo! Yellow Pages

  • Under the new agreement, handles national sales (through CMRs) for Yahoo! Yellow Pages and Yahoo! Local.

  • The new deal exposes all advertisers to Yahoo! YP & Local traffic, where the previous relationship with AT&T had limitations.

Look for more coverage next week.
Blog: Global Yellow Pages Blog , Blog: Local Media Blog
posted by  Charles Laughlin at  09:08 | permalink | comments [0] | trackbacks [0]

Jan 6 2006
2006 Looks to be the Year of Web + TV
It�s already clear that this will be a BIG year for broadband video and offline �on-demand� cable and, maybe, telco IPTV. The fierce competition among Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL in the online ad/search world is spilling over into the world of TV and offline media�or maybe blurring the picture between the categories.

Here�s a N.Y. Times piece from today�s paper on the general subject. And here�s one from MediaPost on the just announced �Web-to-TV� AOL-Intel deal. Both require registration.

Here�s more on Yahoo! and Google�s plans from PaidContent. And here�s what Terry Semel is set to introduce today� Yahoo! Go (beyond the browser).

Here�s Reuters� Eric Auchard�s write-up of the full scope of the Yahoo! announcement (including the wireless aspects) and related third-party deals.

And here�s a Jefferson Graham USA Today Q&A with Terry Semel about his vision for TV-Web interaction (I dare not say �convergence").

Blog: Local Media Blog
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