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Guidelines for Public Relations

Following are guidelines to assist you in making the most of your participation at DDC2005, The Kelsey Group's 18th-annual Yellow Pages conference, taking place September 27 - 29, 2005 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center in Denver Colorado.

For more information on PR guidelines for DDC2005 contact:

Eileen Pacheco
(781) 556-1026
[email protected]

Press Releases

Exhibitors and Participating Companies planning to issue press releases and other announcements related to participation at DDC2005 should include the approved boiler paragraph at the bottom of such releases, and adhere to the following event name standards when referencing the conference.

Approved Conference Name References:

  DDC2005, The Kelsey Group's Directory Driven Commerce Conference
  The Kelsey Group's Directory Driven Commerce Conference 2005 (DDC2005)
  DDC2005, The Kelsey Group's 18th-annual Yellow Pages conference

Approved DDC2005 Boiler:

About DDC2005
DDC2005 is The Kelsey Group's 18th-annual Yellow Pages conference, attracting the widest and most diverse audience in the Yellow Pages community. The conference agenda reflects the priorities of today's publishers, which must balance the need to focus on the basics - selling and publishing the best print directories they can in the current economy, while finding ways to achieve sustainable, long-term growth. For more information regarding DDC2005, contact The Kelsey Group by phone at (609) 921-7200 Ext. 21, by e-mail at [email protected], or visit

Press Kits

The Kelsey Group allows 10 press kits for each Exhibitor and Participating Company to be placed in the press room the day before the conference opens. We also suggest that Exhibitors keep additional press kits on hand in their booths.

Press Room

Exhibitors and Participating Companies will have access to the press room for the purposes of conducting press interviews. We suggest that all companies pre-arrange press meetings.

Press List

A copy of the DDC2005 press list will be made available upon request to Exhibitors and Participating Companies. Contact Sheila Steinmuller at [email protected] to request the DDC2005 press list.

The on-site press contingent for DDC2005 is typically comprised of a short list of industry-focused reporters. Therefore, The Kelsey Group recommends communicating your conference-related news to the broader list of targets who may cover conference news, yet may not be in attendance.


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