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Kelsey Group Conferences are the best place for networking in the print and Internet Yellow Pages community. DDC2004, The Kelsey Group's 17th-annual Yellow Pages conference, attracted over 300 publishers, technology partners, vendors and suppliers to the global Yellow Pages community. The diverse conference agenda reflected the priorities of today's publishers: balancing the need to focus on the basics, selling and publishing the best print directories, while finding sources of sustainable, long-term growth.

You need to reach these decision makers!

All sponsors will receive:

  • Full page ad (5 ½" x 8") in the conference program book
  • Electronic copy of attendee list
  • Hyperlinked company logo on conference Web site
  • Promotional materials placed at registration desk
  • Sponsorship ribbons for each of your staff members
  • Logo included on sponsor banner


Each year since 1988, the Kelsey Group has put together the definitive conference of the future of the Yellow Pages industry. No other industry event attracts this caliber of leaders from all over the world, who join with knowledgeable experts from The Kelsey Group to focus on how all Yellow Pages participants can grow their businesses.

Smart companies have found that there is no better way to reach decision makers at incumbent, independent and international publishers than the Directory Driven Commerce conference. At DDC2005, you will reach more of the people you need to see than you will at any other Yellow Pages event. That's because this is the only significant Yellow Pages conference in the world not associated with a trade association. The fact is, you can accomplish in 2 1/2 days what would otherwise take months and considerable T&E.

As a sponsor, you will demonstrate that you are one of the significant companies in Yellow Pages industry. Don't miss this opportunity to save 20% off the listed prices! Sign up now to be a sponsor at this prestigious conference.

Call me today to discuss the specific benefits of sponsorship and various opportunities to participate.


Nanci A. Karas
Executive Director, Conferences
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