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Aug 12 2005
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Got Fingers?

It is interesting that ��Let your fingers do the walking,�� which was introduced in 1964 by AT&T;��s relatively small Yellow Pages division, came in No. 16. That puts our tagline ahead of such notables as ��Please don��t squeeze the Charmin�� (No. 21), ��Look ma no cavities�� (No. 28), ��They��re gr-r-r-eat!�� (No. 40), and even ��This Bud��s for you�� (No. 52). This suggests that the Yellow Pages industry has an opportunity. Obviously, it is important to test our tagline to see what the image suggests to consumers and advertisers, but it works just as well in the online world as it does in the print world. We��d like to see the industry consider helping our sales force do its job by supporting the ROI story. There��s a good chance that our tagline can help.
Local Media Blog
posted by  John Kelsey at  09:58 | comments [1] | trackbacks [0]


posted by   Donna Aug 12 2005 at 09:58
Advertising Week (NYC, 9/26)is identifying the most influential brand icons for inclusion in Madison Avenue's Advertising Walk of Fame. That exercise also consists of only "veteran" candidates such as Mr. Clean, Smokey Bar. It is striking that nothing developed since 1993 is top of mind. New messages may need to be created for success in the new media.

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