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Drilling Down '08

April 30 - May 2, 2008
The Westin Seattle
Seattle, Washington


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Guide to Drilling Down on Local 08 in Seattle

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Promotional Resources and Guidelines


Following are promotional resources and guidelines to assist you in making the most of your participation at Drilling Down on Local ’08: Marketplaces, taking place April 30-May 2 in Seattle, Washington.

Conference Promotion Resources

Speaker Press Release Template

An approved template press release is available for conference speakers who wish to promote their participation at Drilling Down on Local ’08. Click here or e-mail Eileen Pacheco to request the template, which you may customize with speaker and company details.

Event Calendar Listings

The Kelsey Group encourages you to add Drilling Down on Local ’08 to the events/speaking engagements page of your company Web site. Following are details for an event calendar listing:

Drilling Down on Local ‘08: Marketplaces
April 30-May 2, 2008
Seattle, Washington

Conference Logos

Conference logos are available for posting on your company web site or for use in electronic communications. You may download graphics here, or e-mail Eileen Pacheco for more information.

Download 300 dpi conference logo

72 dpi logos:

Drilling Down on Local '08

Drilling Down on Local '08


Approved Conference Name References

Please use one of the following when referencing the Drilling Down on Local ‘08 conference.

    • Drilling Down on Local '08: Marketplaces  
    • The Kelsey Group's Drilling Down on Local ’08: Marketplaces Conference

Approved Conference Boilerplate

P lease use the following boilerplate description of Drilling Down on Local ’08 in press releases where the conference is a material element.

About Drilling Down on Local ‘08: Marketplaces

Drilling Down on Local ’08: Marketplaces is The Kelsey Group’s 16th conference since 1997 devoted to interactive local media and local online commerce. This is the event for understanding and tracking the rapidly evolving online vertical and classified market space. The agenda will examine how local offline dollars are making their way to new online vertical and classified sites, with a focus on key developments and opportunities surrounding high-value verticals such as: real estate, auto, home and garden, weddings, events, travel and movies. Attendees can expect to come away from this event with an understanding of emerging business models, sales channels and content and traffic aggregation strategies. For more information visit

Press Kits

The Kelsey Group allows up to 20 press kits from each exhibitor and speaker to be placed in the press room. We also suggest that exhibitors keep additional press kits on hand in their booths.

Press Room

A Press Room will be available for reporters covering the Drilling Down on Local ’08 conference, and will be equipped with high-speed Internet access. Exhibitors and participating companies will have access to the press room for the purposes of dropping off press kits and conducting press interviews.

All of the promotional resources described above are available upon request. For more information, contact:

Eileen Pacheco
(781) 556-1026


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