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2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989

Interactive Local Media, November 2005

  • Anne M. Busquet, CEO, IAC Local and Media Services
  • Erik Jorgensen, General Manager, MSN Search, Microsoft Corp.
  • Paul Levine, General Manager, Yahoo! Local
  • Caroline H. Little, CEO & Publisher, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive
  • Shailesh Rao, Local Search and 3rd Party Partnerships, Google
  • Jim Riesenbach, SVP, AOL Search and Directional Media Group, America Online, Inc.

Directory Driven Commerce, September 2005

  • George Burnett, President, CEO & Director, Dex Media, Inc.
  • Katherine J. Harless, President, Verizon Information Services, Vice Chair, YPA
  • Charles Stubbs, President & CEO, LLC
  • Marc Tellier, President & CEO, Yellow Pages Group
  • Joe Walsh, President & CEO, Yellow Book USA

Digital Directories: Drilling Down on Local, April 2005

  • Udi Manber, CEO,
  • Lincoln Millstein, SVP, Hearst Newspapers
  • Paul Reddick, VP, Sprint

Interactive Local Media, November 2004

  • Mary Meeker, Managing Director/Internet Analyst, Morgan Stanley
  • Ted Meisel, President, Overture, SVP, Yahoo! Inc.
  • Mark Pincus, Founder & CEO,
  • Jeff Weiner, SVP, Search and Marketplace, Yahoo! Inc.
  • Henry K. "Buzz" Wurzer, Former SVP, The Hearst Corp.

Directory Driven Commerce, July 2004

  • Andrew Day, CEO, Sensis Pty. Ltd.
  • John Lervik, Ph.D., CEO, FAST Search & Transfer
  • Maurice McKenzie, VP, Media Research, Friedman Billings Ramsey
  • Lyle Wolf, Chairman, Yilong Media Group Ltd.

Digital Directories: Local Search, March 2004

  • Briggs Ferguson, CEO, Citysearch
  • Hilary Schneider, President & CEO, Knight Ridder Digital

Digital Directories & Interactive Local Media, October 2003

  • Jim Lanzone, SVP & General Manager, Ask Jeeves
  • Marc Tellier, President & CEO, Yellow Pages Group
  • Jim Voelker, Chairman & CEO, InfoSpace

Directory Driven Commerce, July 2003

  • George Burnett, President & CEO, Dex Media
  • Alex Navab, Jr., Managing Director, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
  • Susanne Paech, CEO t-info

Global Directories & Databases, November 2002

  • Katherine C. Linder, President, Verizon LiveSource
  • Dr. Alan F. Westin, Professor Public Law & Government Emeritus, Columbia University, and President, Privacy & American Business
  • Lyle Wolf, Managing Partner, Strategiweb Partners

Yellow Pages: Return on Investments, September 2002

  • Peter Luongo, President & CEO, The Berry Co.
  • Wan Yueping, Director, Suburban Bureau, Beijing Telecom Administration, China Network Communications Group Corporation

VOX2002, July 2002

  • Rod Adkins, General Manager, Pervasive Computing IBM
  • Fred Chang, President & CEO, SBC TRI
  • Eric Shepcaro, Vice President, Managed Applications Services, AT&T
  • Terry Yu, Vice President, National Integrated Solutions Sprint

Directory Driven Commerce, March 2002

  • Lars Guldstrand, President & CEO, Eniro AB
  • Dennis Payne, President & CEO, SBC Directory Operations
  • Kristine Shaw, Vice President, Sales, Qwest Dex
  • Joe Walsh, CEO, Yellow Book USA

Global Directories & Databases, December 2001

  • Pete Nielsen, Managing Director, Voice Registry, VeriSign
  • Michele Walters, Associate Division Chief, Accounting Policy Division, Common Carrier Bureau, Federal Communications Commission

VOX2001, July 2001

  • Michael Berner, CEO, BeVocal
  • Scott Bradner, CIO, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • (GDD) Gregory Cooke, Assistant Division, Common Carrier Bureau, Federal Communications Commission
  • Jeff Hallock, Director, Sprint PCS
  • Mark S. Lee, Director, eBusiness, eBusiness and eVentures, Coca Cola North America
  • Rich Miner, VP, Orange Engineering
  • Matthew Sopcich, VP Wireless Products, Qwest

Directory Driven Commerce, March 2001

  • Patricia Engels, President & CEO, SBC Directory Operations
  • Josee Goulet, President &CEO, Bell ActiMedia
  • Jeffrey Killeen, CEO, President & Director,
  • Satya Nadella, VP, Microsoft bCentral

VOX2000, October 2000

  • Jim Barksdale, Partner, The Barksdale Group
  • Yogen Dalal, Managing Partner, The Mayfield Fund
  • Paul LaFontaine, CEO, Antirion
  • Ted Leonsis, President, AOL Interactive

Local Online Commerce, July 2000

  • Charles Conn, President, Ticketmaster-CitySearch Online
  • Naveen Jain, Chairman & CEO, InfoSpace
  • Ted Leonsis, President, AOL Interactive

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, March 2000

  • Charles Foster, Group President, SBC Communications
  • Paul Schaut, CEO, Engage, a CMGI Company
  • Emerich Woods, CEO, Vicinity

VOX99, November 1999

  • Sol Trujillo, Chairman, President & CEO, U S WEST

Local Online Commerce, July 1999

  • Steve Westly, VP Marketing & Business Development, eBay
  • Kathy Yates, Acting President, Knight Ridder New Media

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, March 1999

  • Duane Ackerman, Chairman & CEO, BellSouth Corporation
  • Matt Kursh, Business Unit Manager, MSN
  • Peter Winter, President, Cox Interactive Media

Online Directories and City Guides, July 1998

  • Jeff Taylor, Founder,, EVP, TMP World Interactive
  • Tom Miller, EVP, Cyber Dialogue

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, April 1998

  • Chuck Lee, CEO, GTE
  • Michael Reene, General Manager Telecommunications & Media, IBM

Local Markets on the Web, August 1997

  • Peter Winter, President, Cox Interactive Media
  • Marty Yudkovitz, President, NBC Interactive

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, March 1997

  • Ron Daly, President, Directory Division, R.R. Donnelley &Sons
  • Frank Schott, General Manager, Microsoft Sidewalk
  • Ralph Terkowitz, Vice President New Media, The Washington Post; Founder, Digital Ink

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, April 1996

  • Dr. Pehong Chen, Founder, President & CEO, BroadVision
  • John Danner, NetGravity
  • Raymond W. Smith, Chairman, Bell Atlantic

Interactive Newspapers, February 1996

  • Esther Dyson, Chair, Electronic Frontier Association; President, ED venture Holdings
  • Philip Meek, President, Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.
  • Greg Riker, Vice President- Technology, Microsoft Corp.

The Pacific Rim Forum, January 1996, Sydney, Australia

  • Bob Johnson, CEO, Pacific Access
  • Andrea Polmear, Managing Director, Telstra

Marketing to Women Online, November 1995

  • Nancy Evans, President, iVillage
  • Eleanor Smeal, President, Feminist Majority; Author
  • Jean Gaddy Wilson, President, New Directions

Media Alliances, September 1995

  • Terry Hershey, President, Entertainment Division, Time Warner Interactive
  • Scott Kurnit, CEO & President, MCI Communications
  • Jim McKnight, President, InfoVentures; Cox Newspapers

Internet Opportunities, August 1995

  • Shikhar Ghosh, President, Open Market

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, April 1995

  • Greg Riker, Vice President-Advanced Consumer Technology Group, Microsoft Corp.
  • Margarita Sanchez, President, Cetesa; President, europage
  • Bert Winemiller, Vice President, American Business Information

Interactive Newspapers, February 1995

  • Louis Baccardi, President & CEO, Associated Press
  • Roger Fidler, Director, Knight-Ridder New Media Lab
  • Uzal Martz, Chairman, Newspaper Association of America; Publishers, Pottsville Republican

Media Alliances, November 1994

  • Ross Glatzer, President, Prodigy
  • Jeff Killeen, President & CEO, Telesis
  • James Rosse, President & CEO, Freedom

New Technologies for Directory Publishers, April 1994

  • Robert A. Graham, President, Directory Services, Bell Atlantic NSI
  • Fred Larsen, Vice President & General Manager, Prodigy Services Company
  • Ronald J. Weir, President, Technology Group, R..R. Donnelley & Sons

Interactive Newspapers, February 1994

  • Burl Osborne, Editor & Publisher, Dallas Morning News
  • Jerome Rubin, Chairman, News in the Future, MIT Media Labs

Interactive Yellow Pages & Electronic Directory Publishing, November 1993

  • Thomas J. Bourke, President & CEO, Tele-Direct (Publications)
  • Dennis Olson, President, Fronteer Directory Co.
  • Marc Porat, Chairman & CEO, General Magic
  • Brandon Tartikoff, Independent Producer, Former Chairman Paramount Pictures and President, NBC Entertainment

Telecommunications & Newspapers, March 1993

  • William Randolph Hearst, III, Editor & Publisher, San Francisco Examiner

Electronic Directory Publishing & Talking Yellow Pages, September 1992

  • Robert Graham, President Directory Services, Bell Atlantic
  • Donald McKenzie, President, NYNEX Information Resources
  • Frank R. Noonan, President, Reuben H. Donnelley

Talking Yellow Pages & Electronic Directory Publishing, September 1991

  • Gary G. Drook, President, Ameritech Publishing

Emerging Opportunities for Voice Enhanced Print Products in Europe, March 1991

  • Alain Treille, VP, International Operations, US WEST Marketing Resources Group

Telecommunications & Newspapers, February 1991

  • Jay Smith, Publisher, Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Talking Yellow Pages & Electronic Directory Publishing, September 1990

  • James C. Logan, Jr., president, U S WEST Direct

Talking Newspapers, February 1990

  • Carl M. Valenti, Senior VP, Dow Jones; President/Publisher, Information Services Group

Talking Yellow Pages, September 1989

  • Thomas F. Lysaught, President, GTE Directories



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