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June 15, 2005

Worldwide Yellow Pages Industry Valued in Excess of US$100 Billion, According to The Kelsey Group

New Kelsey Group report offers thorough examination of the industry behind this valuation; features worldwide, country and company benchmarks and profiles.

Princeton, NJ (June 15, 2005) -- Reliable cash flows and increased advertiser interest in directional media are among the influences that have propelled the Yellow Pages industry to a worldwide market valuation in excess of US$100 billion, according to a new 500+ page report published this week by The Kelsey Group, a provider of research, analysis and competitive metrics on Yellow Pages, electronic directories, small-business advertising and local search. The report, entitled “Global Yellow Pages™ 2005: The Kelsey Group’s Outlook & Forecast” (GlobalYP™ 2005), is an exhaustive examination of the markets and companies behind this valuation.

“The global Yellow Pages industry is a powerful economic force,” said Charles Laughlin, program director, The Kelsey Report®, and lead author of GlobalYP™ 2005. “The industry employed more than 73,000 people worldwide in 2004, and generated revenue of US$28.9 billion, according to our research.”

GlobalYP™ 2005 is the third edition of the firm’s Global Yellow Pages™ Outlook & Forecast, and is the result of six months of research by Kelsey Group analysts. It is designed as a strategic planning tool for directory publishers, investors, industry suppliers and Yellow Pages agencies that need a complete understanding of the state of the industry, its key players and the direction the business is moving.

The report’s profiles capture key metrics about the companies and markets profiled, including revenues, growth rates, titles and distribution, employees, size of sales force, online and wireless products, prominent executives, advertisers, and key developments and challenges. GlobalYP™ 2005 features:

  • Global forecast for 2004-2009 (by region, market and category)
  • Five regional profiles (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest of World)
  • Profiles for 45 countries/markets (added this year: Switzerland, Macau, Vietnam, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia)
  • Coverage of 120 companies, with 69 in-depth company profiles
  • Key global Yellow Pages industry acquisitions (2003-2005)
  • Forty largest global Yellow Pages publishers, plus top-10 category leaders by: average revenue per advertiser; revenue per directory title; revenue per distributed copy; revenue per employee; revenue per sales rep; directory revenue as a percentage of GDP; directory revenue as a share of advertising revenue

For more information regarding Global Yellow Pages™ 2005: The Kelsey Group’s Outlook & Forecast, visit, or contact Steve Vasil at (905) 765-5910 or by e-mail at [email protected].

About The Kelsey Group
The Kelsey Group is the leading provider of strategic research and analysis, data and competitive metrics on Yellow Pages, electronic directories, small-business advertising and local search. Beginning in 1986, the company has built a reputation as the leading analyst firm covering the directory publishing community, providing advisory (The Kelsey Report® and Interactive Local Media), publishing (Global Yellow Pages™ and Local Media Journal™) and consulting (more than 300 individual assignments).

For more information contact:

Eileen Pacheco
(781) 556-1026
[email protected]

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