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Steve Vasil
(905) 468-8786
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Greg Sterling
SVP and Program Director
Interactive Local Media
[email protected]


Interactive Local Media (ILM) offers clients the research, analysis and advice critical to successfully positioning their businesses to capitalize on this market.

ILM is the only Continuous Advisory Service designed to bring together online directories and search engines to facilitate finding local products and services. The Kelsey Group was the first company to focus on the local search industry, and we are now the leading provider of intelligence and analysis about this important space.

Clients include print and electronic Yellow Pages, classified newspapers, local media, shopping, search, directory marketing and companies with a stake in local search-based advertising.

One of the elements separating The Kelsey Group from other companies is the strong emphasis we place on developing data that will help our clients make informed decisions. Proprietary research and analysis is conducted by experienced Kelsey Group analysts with an in-depth understanding of interactive local media, the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the content and technologies that will create the next generation of local search.
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