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Will Local Turn a Corner in 2005?
Neal Polachek,Greg Sterling , 12/29/2004

Summary: This is the time when pundits and prognosticators write their annual reflections on whats come before and predictions of what lies ahead. Most of what is likely to occur in 2005 is fairly predictable. We will witness a continuation of the consumer trend toward adoption of the Internet for local lookups. National advertisers will continue to buy IYP and local search, but an increasing number of local businesses will adopt online marketing with the aid of simplified search and other online products, purchased through trusted aggregators. Online competition will only intensify and there will be additional market consolidation. Yet, these fairly mundane observations may give way, roughly seven or eight years from now, to a different view. Stepping back, its clear were in the midst of a seismic shift in the way that people go about communicating and finding information, and the way sellers market their products and services. Indeed, the generation 10 or younger right now will probably look back on a time without ubiquitous Web and wireless connectivity and all the resources of the Internet just as derisively and skeptically as American Baby Boomers regard their parents stories of life before television.

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