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Yellow Pages Vertical Focus: Restaurants
Carlotta Mast , 6/6/2001

Issue: Yellow Pages Has Much to Gain from Restaurant Industry

News: Americans eat out 18 times a month and collectively spend more than $1 billion a day at U.S. restaurants, according to the National Restaurant Association. Each day, nearly half of all U.S. adults are restaurant patrons. The "typical person" (age eight or older) consumes an average of 4.2 meals prepared away from home each week.

The popularity of eating out has enabled the U.S. restaurant industry to enjoy 10 consecutive years of growth. This year, the U.S.'s 844,000 restaurants are projected to hit $399 billion in sales - an increase of 5.2 percent from 2000. By 2010, restaurant sales are expected to reach $577 billion and more than one million restaurants are projected to be in operation. Simply put, the restaurant industry is booming.

While "Restaurants" is the most frequently referenced print Yellow Pages heading and the number of calls generated by ads within this heading remains strong, the Yellow Pages industry has not benefited proportionately from the continued success of the restaurant industry. In fact, it is slowly losing market share of restaurant advertising expenditures.

Fortunately for print Yellow Pages publishers, the Internet has not stolen a substantial portion of restaurant advertising revenues. In fact, most of the dot-com companies that tried to bring new efficiencies to locating restaurants, booking tables and ordering takeout have failed. But a few survivors remain that may yet attract a critical mass of consumers and restaurants. These players may still constitute a threat.

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