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YP-ROI: Industry Regaining Confidence
Bobbi Loy-Luster , 10/2/2002

Issue: Event Offers a Hopeful 'Vibe,' but Challenges Remain

News: "In all things, behavior drives results." These words by Berry Co. President and CEO Peter Luongo, who keynoted The Kelsey Group's Yellow Pages ROI conference in San Diego last week, resonated throughout the day-and-a-half-long event. While Luongo was referring to The Berry Co.'s management creed and his view about training sales reps, his statement reflects the events taking place in the Yellow Pages industry today, including a renewed focus on proving value and return on investment.

The YP-ROI event was notable for how much confidence attendees displayed in the future of the Yellow Pages business, in contrast to a more generally pessimistic outlook at past industry events. .

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