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The Kelsey Report® White Paper

Interactive Media Forecast
Dan Miller,Tom Maguire , 1/1/2000


Every January, The Kelsey Report issues the Interactive Media Forecast to take stock of the penetration of new media devices and the take rate on related services. Like most printed Yellow Pages directories, the cycle time for this document is a year.

Yet the interactive world operates at a much higher velocity. The cycle time for building a dot-com directory or e-commerce site can be measured in days or hours; the time to update in hours or minutes. All this is made possible by the latest PCs and communicating devices that house microprocessors operating at speeds measured in hundreds of millionths of a second.

The emphasis on speed puts a premium on reliable measurements and forecasts. We offer this document as a source book with foundation numbers to support your business planning process.

The good economy overlooks - and often rewards - outlandish business assumptions. Yet there are fundamental parameters that will determine the ultimate success or failure of interactive initiatives of Yellow Pages publishers.

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