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Interactive Local Media Advisory

The Data Debate: Half Empty or Half Full?
Greg Sterling , 12/20/2005

Summary: A fair amount of discussion at The Kelsey Groups two most recent conferences focused on the quality of basic listings data (i.e., name, address and telephone number) and corresponding databases. The common perception was that the quality and accuracy of the data were not as good as they should be. Those perceptions may have been fueled, however, by expectations that lack a full understanding of the challenges now involved in collecting data. While the marketplace is fragmenting, user expectations are simultaneously rising regarding data quality and enhanced information layered on top of core listings information.

To present one providers side of the story, we asked Jeff Beard, vice president of corporate development for Amacai Information Corp., to answer a range of questions on the state of data, user expectations, and his companys approach to compiling, enhancing and presenting listings information. The following Advisory offers Beards responses and perspective on where the marketplace is today and where its going.

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