JiWire: Mobile Majority Will Share Location to Get a Better Deal

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By: Mike Boland 17 August 2011

JiWire is out with its latest Insights report, offering user behavior and survey data (n=2,000) from its location-based ad network. One of the biggest takeaways from the data-rich report is that 53 percent of its U.S. users will share their location in exchange for relevant content, including nearby deals.

The numbers get even bigger if you zero in on users under 34 (60 percent) or those in the U.K. (69 percent). Also interesting were the aspirational data from its users, 80 percent of which claim they will use mobile for shopping this holiday season more, or the same, as last year.

When near a given store, users rated “sales and promotions” as the most important information (29 percent). This was followed by reviews (21 percent), directions (15 percent), product info (13 percent) and coupons (9 percent). This applies to a one-mile radius, while numbers fall slightly when within 10 miles.

Even with this relatively low importance on coupons, 92 percent of JiWire’s respondents purchased a deal at least once per month. Though most (78 percent) were under $50, this seems high — likely because JiWire’s sample group is more savvy than the overall population.

But another surprising number came in email’s leading position as the medium of choice for receiving deals. This no doubt has to do with Groupon’s conditioning users to expect that serendipitous daily deal via email.

But as the deal space gets more and more mobile, we expect that conditioning — and thus user preferences — to gravitate toward mobile distribution. Indeed, email’s leading position (38 percent) is down from the last Insights report in Q1 (52 percent). Expect that trend to continue.

Most of these charts referenced are below and the entire Insights report can be downloaded for free here.

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