EADP: Social Media Is ‘Tweet’

By: Michael Taylor 13 May 2011

Sebastien Provencher introduced the EADP audience in Mallorca, Spain, to the concept of conversational commerce. Praized Media’s latest product, Needium, mines local Tweets to uncover intent whether it is intentional or unintentional. Provencher offered the example of a series of tweets on people hungry for sandwiches or wishing for a particular type of sandwich. “While most think this is mundane, to a sandwich shop this is an opportunity to connect with an obvious sandwich fan.”

Needium’s platform examines local tweets to identify expressed needs, wants or life events that may be of interest to local advertisers. “With social media, it is a 365-day event with no holidays,” says Provencher. With 140 million tweets a day, there are many potential conversations to mine. “Those local businesses who are listening to and interacting with consumers via social media are being rewarded,” points out Provencher. There is a definite return to the beginnings of marketing where conversations between business owners and consumers are leading to long-term and valuable relationships.

When asked how to take advantage of social media, Provencher outlined his top three recommendations: “Recognize social media conversations constantly change and do not take a break, seek out influencers and make them feel rewarded, and use an authentic voice when communicating including humor.” If local advertisers can find ways to gain permission to interact with those who tweet their intentions, they have the opportunity to win new customers and build a potential long-term relationship with their customers — sweet!

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